Google plans to digitize newspaper archives

Mountain View, Calif., Google has started the long process of scanning microfilm of the historic archives of consenting newspapers to enable users to search for them online. Users can initially search for historical newspaper articles on Google News and Google will eventually enable the individual newspapers to display the archives on their respective websites.

This process is an extension of a two year old endeavor by Google allowing users to search historic archives of major news and magazine publications including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and more in digital format. A simple keyword search will allow access to older articles and information.

In efforts to expand on the current endeavors Google will absorb the cost of digitizing other historical newspaper archives in much the same way they did their book scanning project with the exception that Google will obtain the permission of the newspapers prior to scanning the contents, as some publishers were not happy that Google failed to seek permission prior to scanning some publications that were copyrighted. By placing ads alongside the historical scanned articles, Google will be able to absorb this cost and share the profits with the publishers of the newspapers.

To date Google has already scanned millions of articles in the efforts to marry old and current content generations making them all searchable to users. It is truly the age of technology advancement and World Wide Web information optimization. Don’t let your business fall behind-contact Blue Interactive Agency today for your free consultation and website analysis. Blue Interactive Agency is your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing partner.