Google’s Chrome

Google has unleashed its latest innovative approach to the World Wide Web-a web browser called Chrome. The concept behind creating a new web browser when there are currently a plethora of them in existence is simple-when the first and existing web browsers were developed users were looking at web pages.

Today’s users are advanced far beyond viewing a simple web page, they are instant messaging, watching and uploading videos, posting blogs and photos, and gaming. Today’s World Wide Web users are highly interactive; a trend will expand with implementations of future technological advances.

Essentially, the brain masters that are Google opted to start from scratch, and develop a web browser designed for the applications people are using today, as opposed to the ‘pages’ they were previously utilizing. Starting from scratch just seemed like a smoother approach as opposed to correcting and tweaking current web browser shortcomings.

Chrome is a faster, more stable, and secure multiple process web browser. Chrome has implemented architectural changes to place malware and browser exploitation at a disadvantage as part of the new security developments. Chrome is a clean and simple interface enabling users to utilize applications with increased speed and security.

A clean interface browser makes all the difference when using the World Wide Web because your pages will load faster, enabling you to work or play more efficiently. Web browsers all vary to a degree, some have different tools and capabilities. Regardless of connection speed or web browser used, it is still of utmost importance to ensure that your website is SEO friendly in order for new clients to find you in today’s online communities.