Search Engine Tools-Google’s Suggest

Peeking into Google’s innovative toy box is always interesting. The World Wide Web guru has created many products that make the online experience easier and more efficient. Built into products including Google Search, Google Toolbar, and browsers Firefox and Chrome as well as the iphone Google Search application, Google Suggest is a big deal.

The feature aims to create faster and easier searching through less data entry. Ever used the latest version of Firefox? When you begin to enter a URL into the toolbar of the new Firefox 3.0, Google Suggest will create a real-time list of recent entries to pull from in efforts to predict your entry in order to make your search faster. Google Suggest is the same technology used within their products.

Google Suggest will predict your entry in the Google Search box, and even the Omnibox located in Google’s newly designed Chrome web browser. This Google feature is utilized implementing Google’s strong stance regarding an ideal mix between user privacy and trust blended with innovation and security standards. There must be a compromise between privacy concerns and available content generation and information sharing.

In light of recent pressures placed on Google by privacy advocates, regulators and policymakers Google has agreed to cut its data retention time from 18 down to 9 months for anonymization, and the Google Suggest is even more privacy friendly-set to anonymize after approximately 24 hours. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency, your interactive marketing solution in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.