Search Impression and Branding a Company

To target direct response business, search is your solution. In efforts to further explore the implications of online visibility and its effects on company branding and recognition, Google recently performed a study to isolate the search results of organic search terms on paid search ads across four categories: cosmetic, beverage, food/snack and household/laundry.

Participants of Google’s study were exposed to ads in different groups including aided awareness, unaided awareness, purchase intent and purchase consideration. Google was not surprised at the results-Paid advertisements viewed by participants in the unaided awareness group’s purchase intent increased for that brand.

Google analysts concluded that when a test brand shows up in a paid search position such as a PPC, unaided awareness decreases for other brands, impact of competitive brands was taken into consideration.

What all this means is that branding is directly correlated with search results. The top incoming results searchers receive form their opinion of who is who in the world of corporate branding and quality. These top names will be ingrained into the minds of viewers as the choice for quality, as it is the name they connect with the product they searched for.