Share Your Starburst

Trying to persuade a target audience to change their browsing habits to come to a specific website looking for content is difficult and probably futile. The web is all about ease of access, and some companies are taking this to a new level by spreading branded content to new destinations.

Mars—the iconic candy maker behind Starburst—is launching a full scale advertising campaign for their new Gummi Burst candies. Instead of relying on print and TV ads to direct consumers to their main website, Mars is taking a proactive approach by spreading the content throughout the web.

Starburst’s YouTube channel is the first major point of action in this full-scale advertising campaign. YouTube has an absolutely unbelievable reach: over 78.3 million videos and 150,000 new uploads per day. Some sources estimate that as many as 18% of global internet users visit YouTube every day.

Starburst is using this incredible audience to its advantage by uploading short clips promoting Starburst as an easy to share candy. Developed around their “A Moment in Sharing” concept, the short videos will show people sharing inappropriate comments that lead to uncomfortable situations. The clips suggest that people instead “Share Something Juicy”.

The second half of the campaign includes a syndicated online cartoon series entitled “Nite Fite”. Featuring two cartoon commentators who argue about just about anything, the “Nite Fite” series will be syndicated around the web to increase the presence of the Mars brands.

Reaching the target audience for a particular company is a rather difficult task. The popularity of social networking and video sharing sites provide a way to reach a much larger audience, but also the challenge of standing out among all the other ads and commercials out there. Remaining interesting, relevant, and interactive is the only way for a company to ensure that their product stands out and they reach their target audience.