A new toy Apple?

Apple has become predictable about unleashing their new products and true to form, they have sent invitations out on Thursday morning for next Tuesday’s press conference, where it is rumored to announce the latest of its sought-after laptop computers. The event is to be held on Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California and is for press and analysts to attend.

Apple is really good at generating a buzz about its upcoming products,and this time has been no different. The buzz generally begins with leaks from Apple fan web sites. The new Apple laptops to supposedly be unveiled on Tuesday began producing buzz weeks ago with a rumor that the company was using a new process of manufacturing its infamous sleek cases,and there is much speculation about what the word “brick” will mean. The most recent unveiling was that of the poured-over Macbook Air, introduced earlier in the year at the annual MacWorld conference.

The innovative and unique consumer electronics firm enjoyed a very strong past quarter, and as the holidays approach it seems that in light of our current economic situation, product pricing will receive more coverage and attention than the latest in industrial design. There are many rumors of product line price drops as much as $300 to entice buyers in the struggling market.

Even within the constraints of a weakened and struggling economy, it is highly visible that people are still investing in technology.The future is here, and business and personal ventures and lifestyles are heavily dependent upon technology. There is a real need for people to remain abreast current technology trends and business practices, and they will invest accordingly-giving hope to the economic outcome for the technology industry.

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