Adobe and Google Site Search

Google is the definition of innovation, and is always up to the challenge of maintaining this title. Always at the lead of discovering the newest and best ways to apply technology to specific business needs. Recently, Adobe launched its Creative Suite 4, a wonderful program including desktop applications Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Illustrator. 

Adobe is now using Google Site Search as part of Creative Suite 4’s Community Help to connect suite customers to Help content both on and off of This help includes tech support, helpful tutorials, product assistance, articles and videos, tips, techniques, examples and blogs. It is a very useful resource to Adobe users, essentially blurring the line between on and off-line content.

During research for the products, Adobe discovered that its users would utilize Google Site Search to obtain information on their products, so the collaborative effort makes sense from a business standpoint. Adobe and Google both push to share information, align communities, and offer the best online resources and information. The future of search is an exciting avenue to follow, and your interactive marketing firm, Blue Interactive Agency, will keep you updated on the upcoming changes.