Ever expanding social sites

To understand the full spectrum of interactive advertising and online networking, one need only stroll down a local beach strip or theatre complex and overhear conversations containing the keywords “Myspace” and “Facebook”, and the advertising community took notice and began investing heavily in these mediums. 

Now strategic targeted advertisements appear on user profiles of these social networking sites, with the content appearing in user profiles with specified details that would make them a better candidate for certain products and services. The web is evolving into a social place, much like a city street. Media companies are creating ways to simplify sharing information such as links, comments and articles among online friends and communities. It seems that the future of the internet lies in enabling members to connect and interact with all forms of content.

Even political agendas are gracing the pages of social networking sites, eager to analyze the public forums between users regarding a barrage of political topics and highlights. Businesses and public interest projects alike are noticing the dramatic increase in the online sharing of thoughts and opinions, and want to be included in these exchanges. Even The Wall Street Journal has created a discussion feature to encourage reader interaction on their site, and The New York Times has included the option for users to recommend articles to other users.

It will be interesting to witness the World Wide Web, an entity that once seemed so vast, become smaller and smaller as the users begin to develop methods to utilize its power to share and organize information by interacting with… you guessed it… one another. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-your interactive marketing firm for integrated online solutions.