Firefox 3.1’s Geode

Technology provides conveniences we did not think were possible in the past. Meet Geode-the web browser who browses you! Should you ever find yourself in search of a great restaurant or attraction in a new city-or maybe perhaps the local news, you simply open your laptop ,fire up Firefox and enter your favorite review site. The browser will automatically pinpoint your location and provide a list of suggestions within blocks of you then provide detailed directions to get you there, taking out several search steps for you! Upon granting it permission to access your geographical location, Geode knows where you are and streamlines your search processes.

In order for Firefox to know where you are, future versions of the browser plan on supporting the new W3C Geolocation Specification. The W3C Geolocation Specification essentially is the ability for Firefox browser to request access to your location, and upon you granting the request to your location; it will provide detailed information to your queries.

Dedicated Firefox 3 fans can get a head start playing with the geolocation feature beta release introducing Geode,an experimental add-on to explore geolocation techniques in Firefox 3 ahead of the product release and implementation in Firefox 3.1. The company is still working out the specific details such as if the location will be obtained by one or by multiple selectable service providers and methods-WiFi based, manual entry or GPS based. Users of any computer with WiFi who opt to experiment with the location-aware software can provide useful feedback prior to its release.

The buzz is that the Geode will provide much more than just attraction and local information lookups, but also may provide an RSS reader that is aware of the difference between your work and home and automatically changes its behavior accordingly. Based on your location, it will provide local news and information that is in fact, local. Blue Interactive Agency is your technology information resource and integrated marketing solution in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.