Google Gadgets & New Blog Directory

In the world of blogs, widgets and enhancements, iGoogle’s new gadget helps users stay current with news, blogs and updates with ease directly from their dashboards. The gadget was built by software engineer Derek Collison using the AJAX APIs. It is currently in beta version,with plans to use in the Language API where blogs will be translated into 13 languages with new interface and navigation options available. The new navigation options are excitingly personalized.

Google’s Blog Directory links from the main page and for further personalization, users can install iGoogle blog tab and customize by most recent blog postings or categories. There are 16 categories to choose from, and users have the freedom to control their own settings. It is further broken down into categories like Mobile, Open source, and Publishers. The additions will aid considerably in keeping up with changes and staying current. From your friends at Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing team.