Google Transit now features NYC

Google has unveiled an addition to Google Transit on Google Maps-users can now navigate the entire New York metro region including the subway system, commuter rail, bus and ferry services from the Metropolitan Transit Agency (MTA), the Port Authority of New York and Jersey, New Jersey Transit and the City Of New York. The fundamental goal of the Google Transit project is to make public transit information as easy to find as any other geographic information.

The addition of New York City is a monumental step in the direction of making Google Maps fully interactive. This will aid the 20+ millions of New York and surrounding area residents, as well as its millions of annual visitors. It is hoped that adding the transit system information to Google Maps will make it more accessible and easier to navigate, not to mention less daunting for those unfamiliar with the system. 

The addition of the transit system will serve as a lifestyle tool to mitigate public transportation and help to streamline metropolitan transportation. It will make planning trips using public transit systems simple and enjoyable.

Public transportation is a vital link to a city’s efficiency-it must be easy to navigate. With public transit systems easy to navigate, more people will feel confident using them, thus alleviating environmental concerns, energy costs, congestion and other issues. Google continues to work closely with transit systems worldwide to bring the information to the tip of everyone’s fingers. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency, your online marketing source in Florida.