Search &YouTube

Ask anyone in the search engine industry and related fields who the #2 search engine is, and they will tell you Yahoo. Not anymore!  In a surprising new development, internet users are now conducting slightly more searches through YouTube. As of the month of August, users performed roughly 2.5 billion searches through YouTube as opposed to about 2.4 billion on former #2 search engine Yahoo, according to comScore’s expanded search query report.

Google happens to be the parent of YouTube and is considering methods of turning those 2.5 billion searches into revenue. Recently, Google has started testing on video ads targeted to specific searches performed on YouTube, essentially functioning like Google’s number one profit maker-AdWords. When a user types a query into the search box, it will produce relevant advertisements related to the search query. It is necessary to point out that the nature of the two search moguls contrast innately-users of Google are largely commercial in their queries while users of YouTube are seeking mostly entertainment. For this reason, while YouTube’s search arena may function like Google’s multibillion-dollar AdWords system, it is not expected to ever match it or compete with it on the commercial level.

Presently there are but a few number of advertisers testing the new format within the past several months. The relatively new developments will continue to be tested and perfected, creating a new search avenue and potential profits for those involved with the projects. Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale integrated marketing solution, will continue to follow up on the progress of this endeavor.