Welcome to the Matrix?

Supercomputers, artificial intelligence and a speed demon connection capability-some say it is the death of the internet as we know it and the birth of “The Grid”. It is rumored that the grid will connect every computer in the world, thus creating a supercomputer with the capacity to transfer data to computers far more rapidly than the average broadband connection. The grid will enable computers to download an entire film from a continent away within seconds; it will create the new standard and future realities of the internet.

The grid was developed by, the same organization who brought us the World Wide Web in the first place. The purpose of the grid’s creation is to link the world’s computers together and form the most powerful supercomputer one could imagine, incorporating new capabilities.

The grid is already being installed and harnessed in educational facilities in both Europe and America this year, and within the next five years it will be expanding to enter homes around the world. To grasp the magnitude of the grid, it has the potential to eliminate the need for a hard drive,transform all PCs into supercomputers and potentially provide holographic imagery transmission.

Phone lines were never intended to transport gigabytes of data. And while providing much more useful service than phone modems, both cable and broadband fall short in reaching their full potential as well. The reason is because the internet is linked up by thousands of providers, stations and routers-and on top of that literally millions of interlinked data transporting cables. This infrastructure makes it nearly impossible to download files directly (via the same cable and routing system), creating a high percentage of data loss and long waiting times.

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