Yahoo and Google advertising update

Yahoo and Google are still in the midst of controversy regarding their plans to work together in an advertising deal-wherein Google will place ads next to some Yahoo search results. Initially the online advertising merger was intended to roll out in October, but the companies have agreed to postpone proceedings to allow the Justice Department more time to analyze the arrangement.

There are signs that the Justice Department is preparing for a legal battle to prevent the advertising deal between Google and Yahoo, and plenty of controversy on Capitol Hill regarding the matter. Now there are whispers from analysts who are suggesting that Yahoo attempt to form a search alliance with Microsoft. These analysts think that joining the second and third search players will improve competition and decrease the monopoly prospect that has everyone in an uproar. While such a deal would potentially please the Justice Department and those opposed to the Google and Yahoo advertising merger, in the end Yahoo will do what is best for its future, as any smart business with growth in mind would.
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