Yahoo rethinks online advertising

Online marketing and advertising has the same basic goals as its marketing counterparts-to connect advertisers with their targeted audience. Yahoo is adapting to the times and taking an innovative step forward with a new way of handling its advertising techniques. APT is a system developed by Yahoo to buy and sell display advertising online.

Beginning in 2009, Yahoo will make APT available to advertising agencies, advertising networks, and advertisers. APT (formerly APM) will allow publishers and advertisers the freedom to manage their display advertisements in a pool of hundreds of countrywide newspapers and Yahoo sites. Yahoo hopes that APT will simplify the process of purchasing and placing advertisements. APT is intended to target the appropriate audience for a given advertiser, and consolidate the ad distribution process.

APT features a report center and a display of campaigns running for convenience and recordkeeping. The innovative system, being from Yahoo, of course includes search capabilities. A feature advertisers are sure to appreciate is the ability to preview how an ad will appear on a given site before submission.

APT will allow publishers to utilize Yahoo’s strategic targeting capabilities for ads. Targeted ads use demographic and behavioral information to help advertisers determine appropriate ad placement to reach their target audience. These features and capabilities make Yahoo’s APT desirable in contrast with the current standards where advertisers do not always have control over where their ads appear. It also streamlines the practice of ad placement, due to the fact that national advertisers do not have to make hundreds of separate purchases but rather one purchase that covers a span of member newspapers across the country. The system is currently being tested by both the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News.