Attention spans & online video habits

The attention spans of online video viewers are improving. Previously viewers were searching for and watching short clips online, and online content was generated based on those findings and habits. As time goes on and users become more technology savvy, they have begun to utilize the convenience of available network programming online to watch entire episodes on their computers-on their own schedule as well as other online video resources.

Enter Hulu, the NBC-Fox venture that is now one year old. From its onset, Hulu received ridicule and predictions of failure. Today Hulu is the sixth-largest video site on the World Wide Web-with an impressive 6.3 million users in September. Hulu and other online video providers are showing that users are becoming increasingly engaged in watching longer videos, from the Olympic Games to election coverage and everything in between.

In fact, the average length of a video on Blip. TV has increased from 3-5 minutes to 5-7 minutes over the period of one year. Video sites such as YouTube and others have been presenting a stream of related content to watch after a video ends,and have found it useful. This practice is similar to targeted advertising online and keeps viewers tuned in for longer increments of time.

The internet becomes more a part of our lives each day. Rather than having no option but to sit through an entire news broadcast to hear the segment you are interested in, or waiting through endless commercials to watch a program, people are turning to the internet for their entertainment and other needs. It is vital that your business has a compelling and searchable website in order to generate new clients.

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