MySpace & MTV join Google’s YouTube in video advertising

Google’s YouTube has already begun to utilize its popular online public video sharing site to display advertising targeted to the type of video chosen by the viewer, and now social network MySpace is set to follow suit in this online video advertising endeavor. There is much controversy as to this practice being an infringement of copyrighting laws.

The companies will use the professional video clips uploaded by users of the sites as opportunities to display advertising targeted based on the content of the videos. MySpace plans to partner with Viacom’s MTV networks (Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1 & MTV) and also with Auditude, a Palo Alto firm who is capable of identifying if the video clips uploaded by users onto the web are already owned by a television network.

Auditude has been around for approximately seven years, and has a unique approach to discovering who owns the right to specific TV clips. Auditude monitors a high volume of traditional TV channels and calculates the unique electronic signatures.Within the last year Auditude has monitored 1.2 billion minutes of programming to discern specific electronic signatures. The automated software bots of Auditude also crawl the internet for video signatures on MySpace TV, Veoh, YouTube and more.

Media companies are now able to make money from this, as users are empowered to promote online content freely. An example of how this will function is if a user attempts to upload a clip from a popular show, Auditude will recognize it and overlay an identifying label specifying the program. At this point Auditude will offer the network and online counterpart the opportunity to place an advertisement against it. It will also include a link to purchase and download the entire episode for viewers. While similar to YouTube’s Video ID, Auditude claims that its technology works across the entire range of web video sites with no additional effort by content owners.
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