Online video options and advertising

Google’s YouTube is a very popular site for user-generated content. Using revenue generated by placing Google ads along-side searchable videos, the site goes further to suggest related videos and content that may be of interest to the user based on the search query Video is the future of search it would seem.

This online video model has provided Google with valuable research and information about creating targeted online advertising in conjunction with online video content-it is a much acclaimed and much criticized work in progress. While YouTube is primarily an online source for entertainment, Google has begun to introduce professional video content as well, a signal that it intends to expand its concepts perhaps.

On Monday, Brad Stone reported that the Google-owned YouTube has a deal to allow users to view some full-length films and old TV shows from MGM. This decision comes at a time when Hulu, the NBC and Fox venture, has become the go to site for mainstream TV shows and movies.

Opinions vary widely in regards to both sites, and according to several main focus-points. In the past, studios have complained about Google and YouTube’s stance on posting copyrighted materials. The controversy sparked by this caused tensions to run high toward Google, and created an unrealistic view of Google overpowering all its competition. 

Google has a reputation for keeping its cool and riding out the storms. Opinions will continue to vary on which video hosting site is the best, and each site will continue to improve over time based on industry findings and user input. Video content online is projected to become more prevalent in advertising, marketing and brand building. Contact Blue Interactive Agency today for your free website analysis and interactive marketing strategy to align you company with the future of technology.