Search engines & Citysearch

Citysearch was founded by Bill Gross to enable users to utilize search engines to locate Yellow Pages and newspaper listings to locate those products and services online. With Citysearch, users benefit by fast and easy searching and results, and it provides a space for advertisers.

After changing business models annually for the past decade, Citysearch has begun to embrace the decentralized nature of the World Wide Web, spreading its content throughout it. Citysearch’s ads from local businesses can follow its content, allowing it to profit no matter where a Citysearch listing is seen.
Citysearch is utilizing Facebook Connect to allow users to sign into their Facebook accounts, and link to their existing Citysearch account. By doing this, reviews written are published on both Citysearch and the Facebook news feed. Users can check out reviews of other Facebook users with Citysearch.

By giving up some control, Citysearch stands to gain a lot of ground. Users will begin to see the word Citysearch on the profiles of their friends, and it will spread like wildfire through the social networks, where they hope to stimulate a conversation format of reviews.

In recent trends of apprehension and rejection of change, it is quite a change to see a company embrace the changes of the future and learn to profit from them. Brought to you by Blue Interactive,your Fort Lauderdale web design and interactive marketing solution.