The evolution of online video

Online video began as a seemingly fuzzy bright idea with relatively little structure and direction. It seems to have found its path during the presidential election,with online video streams transforming from random assorted video clips to a one-stop destination for all things political. Online video seems to have become a portal for users to share ideas and content on the issues that matter the most to them.

Election news, bloopers, campaign speeches,i nterview clips of candidates, and more began to pop up in the form of YouTube clips and other online video sources. With online video, the propaganda and parodies have the capacity to be released much faster than the campaigns themselves-and the public could not get enough of it. 

Since its conception in 2005, YouTube in particular has paved a unique path in the developing area of online video. There were and still are gray areas in respect to online video usage and potential, but through the 2008 presidential election, it has begun to realize its popularity and influence on the masses. The candidates have taken notice of online video as a tool as well, setting up accounts and taking advantage of the free exposure provided by other users tweaking their content into music videos and parodies.

Similar to what MTV had previously done to attract young viewers and entice them to vote, YouTube initially positioned themselves as a medium for candidates to connect with “the youth vote”. In reality, the candidates wound up reaching a profound amount of voters, across all demographics. It is also being discovered that contrary to popular misconception, viewers are willing to watch longer videos if the content is relevant and newsworthy.

Video is now an integral part of the online community, and users will continue discovering new ways to harness its potential. Contact Blue Interactive Agency – your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing and product development solution, today for a free website analysis and consultation.