The growth of search

Many have predicted the future expansion of search. Search encompasses business listings, entertainment needs, advertising, and the latest trend is medical needs. To show how prevalent search has become in our everyday lives, Google has tracked search queries pertaining to the field of medicine and discovered that most Americans enter phrases like “flu symptoms” into their Google and other search engines prior to contacting their physicians.

Now imagine millions of Americans entering these similar search queries. Based on these queries, it can be deduced that these users are all likely suffering from flu symptoms, or know someone who is. Google has been compiling this search data to produce Google Flu Trends, a tool that can predict when and where a flu epidemic is likely to occur. 

For example, in early February the Center for Disease Control reported a spike in flu cases in the Mid-Atlantic States.Data from Google Flu Trends reported a spike in flu symptom queries two weeks prior to the report released by the CDC. It appears that Google Flu Trends can be a useful tool to predict and prepare for an outbreak of illness in your area. The reason the reports from the CDC are slower is due to the fact that they must wait for data to be collected from thousands of health care providers, labs and other sources before they can even begin to compile and release the findings in reports.

The world is relying on search for an increasing amount of everyday activities and it is important to remain at the forefront of technological advances. Search is becoming rapidly instilled in daily activities. When users are searching for products and services, it is already typical for them to use a search engine to locate them. Contact Blue Interactive Agency today and begin placing your business on the search results pages that will bring you more clients!