A secure password-free online future?

Could license plates be on their way to cyberspace? With so many online privacy issues occurring today and tensions, running high on the controversial issue, a government and technology industry panel on cyber-security measures is suggesting that moving away from passwords may be the solution to online security issues.

The panel is recommending that the federal government start enforcing “strong authentication” rather than passwords, which are not 100% secure and effective. The panel also strongly recommends thenon-government sector to adopt this approach as well. This approach to online security involves computer users holding a device to gain access to a network computer or online service. 

The report prepared by the panel offers helpful guidance for the new Obama administration regarding the future of online privacy and security. In a report prepared by the panel titled “Securing Cyberspace in the 44th Presidency”, efforts are made to explain why restricting internet access and other measures to control cyber attacks would be beneficial to protecting government systems and online information. The panel utilized the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington policy group that specializes in analysis of the number of successful government computer systems cyber attacks,to compile the report.

The future of online security will continue to evolve alongside technological advances in security penetration.The report compiled calls for new regulations, laws and advancements in preventing cyber attacks and governing cyberspace. A future of password free security just may be on the horizon. Brought to you by Blue Interactive, your Fort Lauderdale web design and interactive marketing firm.