The ‘Is Google Evil?’ debate

As the internet and technology continue to change virtually every second, it becomes increasingly difficult to follow what every company is doing. That is, unless you are Google. When you find yourself at the top, you also find yourself involved in situations that can become cumbersome.

Currently, Google is amid an online privacy issue that may determine a set standard for internet privacy standards. Of course, standards and practices evolve right along with technology and so determining and implementing such a set of standards has become more of a circus than a forum.

The many that envy Google’s industry status have been desperately searching routes to relieve the internet mogul of some of its popularity-to little avail. The most recent attacks on Google have come in the form of accusations that Google’s privacy policy are evil because the company does not give the names of searchers in any circumstance or any search. Google’s motto is “Don’t be Evil”, which has sparked a plethora of debates on whether the company violates its own motto.

Google’s stand on the issue of online privacy is not to make judgments about its users. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chief Executive, “’Don’t be evil’ is an invitation to debate, it means we will fight over what it means. ”For the moment, both sides of this heated debate seem to be tied.
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