YouTube & your privacy

YouTube is consistently evolving and increasing in popularity, with users watching longer videos. While some users enjoy broadcasting themselves, there are even more who prefer to simply watch others broadcast. The view-only users may be sharing more than they are aware of, as their information is also publicly available.

YouTube users may subscribe to follow certain clips, channels,or collections of videos from an individuals or companies that interest them. Users receive reminders about new clips from the sources they have subscribed to. What these users may not be aware of is that their user name and photo are normally listed on the pages of the channels they are subscribed to, and there is no option to keep subscriptions private.

The slogan of YouTube is “Broadcast Yourself”, and it is not widely understood that they also broadcasting user’s taste in videos.Information about any channel a user opts to follow, or subscribe to, is available to anyone in the world. This is not explained when users sign up for a YouTube account or when they opt to use the subscription feature.

Recently YouTube announced its plans to implement a newsfeed, similar to Facebook’s. Controversy about what YouTube does with user’s private information and disclosure of use of that information is growing. 
Factor in the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988, wherein following the video rental history of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork was published, the act was passed banning the disclosure of video viewing records. It will be interesting to see how the many privacy issues amoung internet-based companies unfold. Brought to you by Blue Interactive, your Fort Lauderdale web design and interactive marketing solution.