Carol Bartz named Chief Executive of Yahoo

On Tuesday, Carol Bartz debuted as the successor to Yahoo’s Chief Executive Jerry Yang.Murmers among the masses are that Yahoo’s leadership style will become more dominant under the succinct “no no-nonsense” leadership style of Ms. Bartz. This style of dominant leadership will come in sharp contrast to the soft-spoken style of Jerry Yang.

Ms. Bartz took only three questions when confronted by analysts, investors and reporters in LA, dismissing one question as “a lot of nonsense”. She also expressed her preference for Yahoo to be given some “breathing room”. Ms. Bartz made it clear that the time of analysts, investors and others telling Yahoo what to do would be at an end saying, “That’s going to stop”. This decisive style of command comes at a time when Yahoo needs it the most, and most likely comes as a comfort to investors.

Yahoo has been steadily waning in the profitable market of search and search advertising business to Google for quite some time, and also missed its opportunity to invest in the popular social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook,which are attracting a slew of young users. 

Factor in the low morale among investors, shareholders, and employees following the losses and failed talks with Microsoft, and it becomes clear that Ms. Bartz certainly has her work cut out for her. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency, your South Florida interactive marketing and web design solution.