Facebook does not embrace Power.com

Brazil’s start-up company, Power.com aims to act as a portal for users to access all of their favorite social networking sites. After failed attempts at discussing the situation with Power.com, Facebook let its opinion of the situation created by the new company be known by filing a complaint against Power.com in the United States District Court in San Jose,California. Facebook has stated that it would rather its members enter the website directly, thank you very much. 

The complaint accuses Power.com of copyright and trademark infringement, unlawful competition and violation of the computer fraud and abuse act, as well as other items. Upon the filing, Power.com has removed access to Facebook through its site.

Users of Power.com must provide their names and passwords they use to enter the social networks of their choice, then accessing the sites allowing the user to view the pages without actually visiting them. Facebook has legitimate concerns regarding the security of its user data, and copyrighted materials. 
It is also reported that Power.com sent a slew of misleading e-mail ads to the friends of Facebook users, from facebookmail.com and claiming to be from The Facebook Team, in attempts to steer users into signing in to their accounts through Power.com rather than the site Facebook directly.

Facebook has requested that Power.com use Facebook Connect, a service that allows Facebook users to access their Facebook identity and group of friends from other sites without giving their login information to those sites. Online security is a prominent issue on the World Wide Web, and includes every area from a business website to a social networking site. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency,your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing and web design company.