Internet access in the air

Row 44 is a company who makes technology that allows people to have internet and phone access on airplanes. As early as this month, Southwest and Alaska Airlines are scheduled to begin testing a handful of aircraft using the Row 44 technology. If things proceed as planned, the North American customers of those airlines could be surfing, searching and emailing in the air in as little as 18 months. Row 44 aims to transform travel downtime in the air into revenue. Estimated cost of the service is tentatively set to be $6 for handheld devices and $8 for laptops for passengers of domestic flights.

In efforts to showcase the technology to potential investors and media Row 44 flew a test plane to Las Vegas, a 1950s era Grumman former seaplane with blue wings and a yellow tail. The company utilizes satellites for the technology, while competitor Aircell uses cellular towers. Aircell is working with Virgin America and American Airlines in trials that have begun recently.

The airways are the last space that is not connected to the World Wide Web. The airways are also a space where travelers can become rather bored, and utilize the wireless technology to perform searches that have the potential to result in more revenue for online marketers. With search expanding to every crevice of our lives, it is nearly impossible to entertain a successful business without the presence of a skilled interactive marketing and web design firm.Contact Blue Interactive Agency today for your free website analysis and learn how you can increase your bottom line profits through online positioning.