Search expanding into unexpected places

Search has become embedded in our routines, and is continually expanding to simplify the process of locating information, products and services. Recently at the consumer electronics show, the topic of search stole the show-as it becomes integrated into nearly every device connected to the internet.

New search strategies include a Ford F150 model that allows contractors to check service manuals by browsing the web from an in-dash computer. There are also new televisions being introduced by Samsung, LG and others that allow viewers to watch movies from internet sites and Netflix.  

Smart phones enable users to search for anything they encounter during their busy day, at the touch of a button. Palm Pre phone aims to make it easy to call your friends by looking up their phone numbers via social networking site Facebook. Howard Stringer, chief executive of Sony projects that within two years 90 percent of all Sony products will connect to the internet.

Television is becoming a web browser, evolving into a user controlled environment, rather than a broadcasting platform. It is speculated that television will include web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome within a relatively short period. 

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