With TiVo, search reaches television

The world of search is changing at a constant speed, and the way we live our lives is changing along with it. A recent example of this is the beloved television company TiVo. TiVo first wowed the world when it empowered us to skip through commercials and set up a queue of programs we wanted to watch, when we wanted to watch them. No longer was the world a slave to television, but quite the opposite.

TiVo continues with its innovative ways, setting the standard as the next-generation television company its latest ad campaign showcases the idea that “channel surfing is dead”. The youth-oriented ads are designed to promote TiVo’s new search feature. The search feature is in TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD boxes and uses the overall popularity of shows to help users locate the programs they are searching. For example, if a user enters the letters PR into the redesigned TiVo search box, the sitcom Prison Break will likely show up first. In the older TiVo, due to alphabetic order, older programming was likely to show up in the list first.

TiVo’s new search feature also integrates internet content added to its HD boxes. This way, YouTube clips of Prison Break and episodes of it on Amazon Video on Demand are included into the search results. TiVo is making “channel surfing” a thing of the past and saving precious recreational time for its users. 

The world of search is constantly evolving to create a better platform for all users to easily navigate the contents of the world. To learn more about the world of search and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in the business realm, contact Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing and web design firm.