Baby Boomers Online

Forrester Research recently reported that more than 60 percent of baby boomers are avid social media consumers ,sifting through blogs, forums, podcasts and online videos. This statistic comes as a surprise to some, who previously categorized aging citizens of the technologically illiterate. This figure is up 40 percent from even last year, a true sign of the times.

There are upwards of 100 million aging consumers in the United States, spending billions annually. Advertisers who are in the market to attract these consumers must develop uncomplicated and fast methods of gaining their attention and trust online. For example, baby boomers show a preference to take polls, vote on items, rank favorites, submit critiques, and rate items. 

Naturally, marketers are always eager to reach the boomers and with this new knowledge, the online marketing strategies will begin in attempts to gain the attention and dollars of the boomers. It seems the baby boomers are using sites like Classmates Online, Facebook and LinkedIn in efforts to connect with friends and relatives. All generations are adopting social media at an annually increasing pace.

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