Blinkx is tailored to couch potatoes-Internet, television style

The internet has evolved into a fast and powerful medium, acquiring more users annually since its birth. Still, for some, the soft inviting couch is too much temptation to ward off. These individuals prefer the old fashioned “entertain me” method, and find it more relaxing than performing searches for programming, pointing and clicking. Those individuals may be pleasantly surprised with Blinkx.

Today’s web is increasingly being used to watch not only movies, but television shows on sites like Netflix and Hulu. Many consider the internet to be an active form of entertainment, due to the interactive experience. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that people have begun to develop ways to utilize the customization and flexibility that is the internet to fashion innovative forms of passive entertainment experiences.
Recently, Blinx has recently added two new buttons to its video search engine: “Inform me” and “Entertain me”. The inform button displays a TV news show, similar to Google News with clips of various stories from around the World Wide Web in a continuous stream. The entertain me button displays a stream of short clips that are drawn from popular entertainment sites such as YouTube.

The user can opt to simply sit back and enjoy the show,or use available content controls. All the user need do is move the mouse over the screen, where available forward and back buttons appear, should they find the current stream boring. The “more information” button will produce a more in-depth screen with a variety of options. 
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