Hulu and Boxee, or maybe not

Boxee is a software package that combines multiple sources of internet video content in a user-friendly interface that you can watch on your television set, and did I mention it is free? Very impressive. Alas, in the world of technology, there are bound to be some snags along the way.

Hulu announced on Wednesday that it was going to stop allowing its programs to be streamed through Boxee. Hulu happens to be one of Boxee’s larger sources of content, so their angst is understandable. In blog form, Hulu explained its decision to end ties with Boxee was due in large part to its backers, and mentioned never having a formalized relationship with Boxee. It seems the apologetic tone put forth by Hulu is in anticipation of a response from avid Boxee users.

Hulu is a joint venture of NBC Universal and the News Corporation, with programming from a number of other entities. Early Boxee testers were sending video to their television sets using the software, sometimes by installing it on their Apple TV set-top boxes. The shows that appeared on Hulu were competing directly with the same programs that the networks were distributing through traditional channels like satellite and cable.

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