Remote African Villages online

Deep in Masai country of Africa, the road to Nairobi weaves approximately 100 miles. Of those 100 miles, the asphalt eventually gives way to a dirt road and finally a simple dirt track that scales broken hills and plunging desert flats. Welcome to Entasopia, Kenya. In November, Google financially backed the installation of a small satellite dish powered by a solar panel, in order for 3 engineers from the University of Michigan could link a handful of computers in the community center to the rest of the world. Google aims to seek methods to provide internet connections to the estimated 95 percent of Africans who do not have access.It is outside of Google’s normal business practices to provide internet access;the project is focusing on how obstacles can be overcome in Kenya and other parts of Africa. 

This small outpost with 4,000 residents is at the end of this rough terrain road,past the reach of power lines. There is no post office or bank in this small city, and very few cars and infrastructure. This is an area that receives a bundle of newspapers every three to four weeks. Kerosene lamps, candles and fires keep residents of this off the grid city warm at night;it is the last place one would expect to find an internet connection.

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