Yahoo uses search results to display ads with images and videos

The struggling Yahoo is becoming innovative, announcing plans to incorporating ads and images into their paid search results. It is a new type of search advertising that allows images and even video to appear within paid search listings when in the past this area was simple text advertisements with links.   

It is typical for marketers to budget part of their online marketing to appearing in top search results,including these text-only ads with links using both pay per click and organic search marketing methods. Yahoo is calling the new service Rich Ads in Search, and the program gives search some of the advantages of banner advertisements.

Yahoo hopes that Rich Ads in Search will transition online advertising from simple blue links to a more engaging and interactive experience for users. Yahoo is hoping this new search marketing strategy will make them more competitive with Google, the market leader with 67.7 percent market share. Yahoo’s strategy in the past has been display advertising, selling boxes and banners on its high traffic pages. The recession has caused advertisers to redirect spending on the banners and boxes to search marketing, which yields direct measurable results. Yahoo has addressed the issue with Rich Ads in Search.
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