Cloudera, Hadoop set the precedent for future

Since its inception just a couple years ago, the free software program Hadoop has conquered some of the largest and most impressive Web sites. Hadoop controls the top search engines, quite impressive, but it also determines which ads will be displayed next to search results and what users see on the homepage of Yahoo. Hadoop can also find your long lost friends via Facebook.

Hadoop essentially creates a simple and inexpensive platform to analyze and access formerly unprecedented volumes of data obtained from users of the internet. Hadoop maps information spread among thousands of cheap computers, providing an easier means of compiling analytical queries, saving engineers the trouble of solving computer science issues, now they need only ask Hadoop a question.

Enter Cloudera. Three top engineers from Google, Yahoo and Facebook along with a former Oracle executive have announced a start-up called Cloudera that has the ultimate goal of bringing Hadoop’s capacities to industries such as genomics, retailing and finance, to name a few.

According to Sam Ramji, Senior Director of Platform Strategy at Microsoft, “We are realizing that we have real problems to solve that affect businesses, and business intelligence and data analytic is a huge part of that. ”The future of search is a constantly evolving area. Contact Blue Interactive Agency today to learn more about how the future of search can transform your business model.