Google responds to the Atlantis rumors

When Google unleashed its Oceans feature for Google Earth, the rumor mill began to center on an area of odd grid-like markings on the seafloor. Many were speculating that the maze-like markings were that of the legendary lost city of Atlantis, thinking that the markings looked like the outlines of a sunken city.

In efforts to respond to the excitement generated by the markings, Google invited two of the scientists who gathered the data for Google Earth to answer inquiries. If the area were in fact Atlantis, some of its city blocks were over eight miles long, highly unlikely for a city layout. 

Google went on to explain that the marks are likely “ship tracks”, caused by methods used to measure the sea levels while generating information for Google Oceans. The process of echosounding maps strips of sea floor directly beneath the ship, generating lines in its wake. While this explanation is not as newsworthy and exotic as the possibility of discovering the lost city of Atlantis, it is important and responsible to remain scientific and accurate while mapping out our oceans. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale web design and web analytics solution.