Google Translate enables you to translate between 41 languages

Google Translate has recently rolled out several new languages, including Thai, Turkish, Hungarian, Albanian, Estonian, Galician and Maltese. With the additional seven languages, users have the ability to automatically translate between 41 languages and 1,640 language pairs-and reach a staggering 98% of internet users.

Everyone knows Google Research moves quickly, and in just a few years succeeded in expanding from two languages to 41, receiving millions of translation requests per day. Google works diligently to consistently improve the quality of these translations, utilizing statistical models built from vast quantities of monolingual and translated texts with automated machine learning techniques.

The translation tool provides a way to reach out to others online, regardless of language. While the system is not perfect, it is constantly improving and will soon prove to be a force to access people worldwide. Pairing a translation tool with strategic search engine optimization techniques will ensure the online visibility of your website, and increase qualified traffic. The greater the volume of qualified traffic, the more leads that transition into customers.

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