Microsoft and the Search Market

Microsoft is under scrutiny once again, this time for its seemingly stubborn approach to investing in the search market. Some investor’s shareholders are questioning aloud why the company is willing to spend billions to compete in the dominated search market, continuously losing money and market share.

Recently Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, met with The New York Times and mentioned the company’s plans to offer computing services from its network of data centers to corporate customers. Microsoft has the advantage in this arena, having maintained a strong presence in the corporate software market over the past decade. 

Still Microsoft continues to compete in the search market industry, which is dominated by Google, rather than focus on the enterprise market. Mr. Ballmer knows that search engine marketing is where the money is, and that is where he wants his company to compete. Mr. Ballmer then went on to tell the Times, “There are only three things on the Internet that have made money: Amazon, eBay and Google, ”he said. “If we’re going to make a lot of money on the Internet, we’ll have to challenge Google in search.”

The world of search is changing the way companies do business, so who would not want a piece of the pie. When people are searching for products and services today, it is likely they are using a search engine. Bringing businesses and clients together has become a profitable endeavor that is beneficial to all parties. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing and web design solution.