Mobile search access increasing

The amount of searches performed per day on major search engines is astounding, and on the rise. Each day approximately 91 million search queries enter Google, 60 million for Yahoo, and 28 million for MSN. People are using search for nearly every aspect of their online experience, most notably searching for products and services. This is very important, as businesses are adapting to capture online audiences that have the potential to turn into potential clients.

Mobile internet access is increasing in popularity, creating a highly specialized niche for online marketing strategies that ensure your business comes up in top search results. Mobile internet access is now becoming increasingly widespread, with carriers catering to users who have come to expect full internet access from their cellular devices.

In the past, users were bound by extensive contracts of generally two-year durations to enjoy a smartphone with all of the trimmings. Now Metro PCS, infamous contract-free and affordable cellular service provider, has announced plans to provide the Blackberry Curve 8330 and other smartphones with the same service guidelines users currently enjoy. This is all unfolding at a time when a large number of cellular users bound by long and expensive contracts and monthly fees are searching for a way out of them, during these trying economic times.

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