Online advertising and you

Behavioral targeted advertising has begun-and as most issues that revolve around privacy tend to be, it is generating controversy. Those in favor recognize the value of the ability to reach your target audience without the need to funnel funds into an abyss hoping for a bite and those opposed cite privacy violations.

Behavioral targeting technologies work by anonymously monitoring and tracking content viewed and websites visited by a specified unique user or IP. This is accomplished by serving tracking codes, which are implemented as cookies, on a user’s computer as they are served ads from various online advertising networks.

Websites visited, content viewed, and length of visit are then databased and analyzed to predict an online behavioral pattern, creating an online demographic for that user. Behavioral targeted ad networks then serve targeted advertising relevant to that user’s behavioral classification, regardless of where they then visit. This gives marketers a clear advantage, taking marketing to a new and interactive level.

Delving further into the subject, while it is of course important to allow users the opportunity to opt out of participating, it is equally important to analyze the benefits derived from those who opt to participate in behavioral targeted advertising. Behavioral targeted advertising benefits the participant as well as the marketer. An example would be a participant looking for a new car would receive ads related to that search.

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