General Electric’s digital breakthrough puts 100 DVD’s on one disc

General Electric announced on Monday that it has discovered a breakthrough in the form of a digital storage device with the capacity to store the information contained on 100 DVD’s, on one disc. The advance in storage is currently in the laboratory success stage.

The breakthrough disc is said to be in the laboratory success stage until it is proven to work with products that have the potential to be mass-produced at affordable prices. Industry analysts and optical storage experts who were informed of the breakthrough agree that it holds the potential to push the envelope in consumer, commercial and scientific markets. Low cost storage evolves consistently, giving G.E.the potential to be the next big thing in low-cost digital storage.

G.E. has also been developing promising endeavors in the field of holographic storage, the optical process that stores three-dimensional images as well as the 1’s and 0’s of digital data. Holographic storage may be able to package much more information than conventional optical technology like DVDs and high-capacity Blu-Ray discs. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, Florida web design and interactive marketing solution.