Oprah Tweets

The much-anticipated first tweet from Oprah read: “HI TWITTERS.THANK YOU FOR A WARM WELCOME. FEELING REALLY 21st CENTURY. ”Yes,Oprah made a big screaming entrance in all caps, giving the digerati much to talk about in the way of internet etiquette, which is awesome. It seems as though Ashton Kutcher has started a movement-in a big way.

While“twitterers” were referred to as “twitters”, Twittersphere users seem to have found it appealing, and Oprah has received a warm and rather large welcome to the social networking site, where she is pulling in 1,000 responses per minute, according to Nick Bilton of The New York Times.

Fellow twitterers are excited about the newcomer, and are giving the megastar helpful hints and tips for proper Twitter decorum. A tweet from JephKelley read as follows: “Oprah on Twitter I’m fine with. When Donahue joins, I’m getting the hell out of here.”

Oprah is going to be introduced quickly to the rapidly evolving online attention span.
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