The Changing Faces of Facebook

Facebook seems to have been going through a stealthy re-branding over the past months, steadily changing features, incorporating behavioral targeted advertising, attempting to alter the user agreement policy and many other details.

All of these changes have left many wondering where the old Facebook went, while becoming increasingly frustrated with a constant stream of changes and redesigns. It is popular opinion that the new homepage has become less personal and informative, and less attractive to users and developers of applications. There does seem to be someone benefiting from the Facebook changes, and that would be Brands.

Facebook Pages are a competitive play against Twitter reviews, only revamped and more social, and their updates are taking up space on member homepages where data shows increased traffic and brand interaction.

The incentive to buy ads on Facebook is higher now because each “Fan” a company gains can be marketed to free of cost, via the Facebook homepage feed. This is where Facebook’s redesigns begin to make complete business sense-even if it is a fee of $5-10 to acquire a Fan, it is a relatively small price to pay for lifetime access to engage that Fan. PPC ads range from roughly 50 cents for pages, assuming an impressive 5-10 percent conversion rate. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale Internet conversion interactive web design firm.