Tweets from your Tweeps, Twerps & Twitching

Oprah’s first tweet increased Twitter traffic by 43%… yes… it happened (this according to Hitwise web tracker). Twitter can thank Oprah’s tweetership for an estimated million new users joining post-broadcast. The self-propagating social networking craze is twitching its way to the twip-top, one tweeting celeb at a time. 

Twitter is a digital pulse with the ability to serve as many things to many tweeps. Users have the capacity to choose which people and companies to follow, essentially molding their very own news reels.The obsession over Tweeting on Twitter becomes apparent when all of the bursts, insights, advice, random musings and complaints are updated, a lot, and lobbed at users at a bamboozling pace.

Those opposed to Twitter cite an overabundance of technological tools in an already overflowing toolbox. Torn by the tech-savvy transitions, these poor individuals are new to and intimidated by Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and perhaps found transitioning from their prehistoric desktops to laptops threatening. For these users, I recommend tweet tools designed to minimize noise, such as TweetDeck and Nambu. Technology continues to evolve and excite, to tweet or not to tweet, that is the question. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, your Florida web design and integrated marketing solution.