Yahoo and Microsoft still flirting?

It has been a difficult time as of late for many companies, Microsoft and Yahoo included. It is reported that the two online entities have resumed talks regarding a wide-ranging advertising partnership. Talks of an outright merger or sale of Yahoo’s search business to Microsoft have not resumed thus far.

Investors have long been chattering over the business possibilities between Microsoft and Yahoo. Market results Tuesday after close show that Yahoo’s troubles are not yet past, as they are down from a year ago. Ears are perked for further development details that could spell progress in the near future.

Investors have been honing in on various key points to form predictions, including a new round of potential layoffs, which are rumored to cut several hundred positions in addition to the 2,400 jobs cut last year. Another measure Yahoo has undertaken in attempts to recover is to attempt to sell some of its properties, including HotJobs.

Expected net revenue analysts expect Yahoo to report are approximately $1.2 billion, down from last year’s $1.35 billion. On the upside for online business, Google has enjoyed a 10 percent net revenue rise this year. Updated by Blue Interactive Agency, your SEO web design and interactive marketing firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.