Apple sharpens Nine Inch Nails

Apple has recently shown its modest side and reinforced its stance on profanity, by rejecting a Nine Inch Nails themed app for the iPhone.As apps developed for the iPhone are on the rise, the company is under more scrutiny regarding the materials found within the applications.

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails published a message he received from Apple’s iPhone developer group over the weekend on, the band’s official website. Apple found the application unsuitable for its iPhone, as it offered a streaming rendition of the band’s popular hit “The Downward Spiral”, which Apple labeled “objectionable content”.

Trent posted on that he loved Apple products, and that he urged the company to “think your policies through”, to which Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This Apple application issue comes directly on the heels of the controversial baby shaking app released and then retracted by the company. The app sold for .99 cents, and upon shaking your iPhone the baby on the screen would appear with two red X’s coving its eyes,to signify its demise. There was an online uproar over the baby application, and Apple promptly removed it. For more information on technology interactive-interactive marketing, visit Blue Interactive’s blog