Gremlins, Tribbles and Twitters

The Starship Enterprise had tribbles, and we have twitters. In the original Star Trek, tribbles were similar to Gizmo from the Gremlins, furry, adorable, and reproduced in the same rapid and anomalous manner. The adorable puffs soon became arduous to manage.

The unremitting stream of information bestowed upon us by Twitter is quite comparable to the gremlins and tribbles, in the form of tweets. The popularity of blogging has hit the microscopic scale, and micro blogging is now filling every available crevice with tidbits of information and constant updates, leaving many feeling overwhelmed.

The popularity of Twitter has soared, attracting an extensive variety of users, from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey to businesses eager to connect with prospects on a more personal platform. Twitters numbers are astounding and impressive, during the month of April the site relished an 83% increase in traffic, drawing in an additional 17 million new users (according to ComScore).

Twitter will continue to evolve and improve, striving to attract new users while maintaining current user satisfaction to the best of their ability. Upwards of 60% of new Twitter newbies stop using it in their first month (according to Neilsen) a figure the company would like to improve. Twitter is aiming for roots and wings. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, South Florida web design and interactive marketing powerhouse.