MySpace Slows Down

There are people who use MySpace, Facebook, and those who feel compelled to use both social networking sites. MySpace has the title of the country’s leading social networking service, yet has been slowly losing its users. There is a recent trend showing some users gravitating to other social media networks, notably Facebook. According to ComScore, MySpace users are younger and have lower incomes than Facebook users, so it is important to separate user demographics in order to obtain a more complete perspective on the issue.

The trend for parents, executives and career-oriented individuals to choose Facebook over MySpace is mostly due to the available features incorporated into the site that make it ideal for business connects and use. The music industry is still connected deeply to MySpace, where nearly every band seems to have a MySpace page for fans.


Social networks are evolving and becoming a part of everyday personal and business dealings,with new features and politics keeping users interested.It seems that the platform MySpace utilizes simply does not offer enough interactive features to satisfy a user base that is becoming accustomed to them. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, SEO web design and internet marketing firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.