New Search Tool Tackles Tough Queries

Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram Research and his team have been discreetly developing WolframAlpha for years. WolframAlpha is a search tool intended to answer lengthy, more in-depth queries. What Wolfram was very clear on, is that the new search tool is not intended to compete with Google, despite chatter to the contrary and the fact that the tool does not search web pages.

WolframAlpha has the capacity to answer a wide variety of search queries, making it a very useful and anticipated web product. While creator Stephen Wolfram may be interested in developing potential partnerships with search companies, he is displeased with rumors that WolframAlpha is aligning itself to compete with them.

The anticipated WolframAlpha will not help with movie times or camera shopping, but rather it will provide the answers to longer queries using the plethora of data the company has accumulated. The web product is expected to be available at this month, yet it will not be a completed product at the time of its release. The project will begin as a working version, and amass increasing amounts of information over the years, providing better answers to complicated queries. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, your SEO Services solution