Bing off to a Respectable Start

While it remains premature to state victory, Microsoft’s latest attempt at search, Bing, is off to a respectable start. At a whopping two weeks old, Bing has generated a nice bump in users, possibly thanks to spreading the word about the newly released search engine.

According to, Bing’s market share in the U.S. rose from 9.1 to 11.1 percent between June 2nd and June 6th, an impressive figure of its impressions. It is common for new products and services to see an increase in interest and publicity initially, the trick and goal is to capture that interest and maintain it. This becomes especially important given the competition for search business between Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, the search business market leaders. Microsoft has spent much effort and funds promoting Bing on both the internet and television.

Microsoft has succeeded in gaining attention, and is most likely aligning themselves for continued momentum. Not to mention the fact that Bing must perform on a level to compete with number one search engine, no simple task considering the enormity of Google. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, Florida web design and interactive marketing solutions.